2023 GAMA Membership Renewal Form

Authorized Representative is asked to please fill out the information below. Be sure to read through the information, and once done please be sure to agree and submit to be considered for approval.

Submission Deadline is January 31, 2023

We will not be asking you for the entities Owners names, DL, and other info. Including but not limited to, these cases require you notify our GAMA corporate office and fill out the proper paper work according to, and following, the bylaws and membership agreements. If you do have any of these changes to make, please contact the GAMA Corporate Office immediately prior to renewal submission.

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I hereby certify that I am the appointed location Authorized Representative within GAMA's system and the information I have given on this form is complete and correct. I understand that any confidential information herein will be protected and is collected per the bylaws of GAMA and only for the purpose of my GAMA Membership. I understand my failure to provide complete, accurate and truthful information on this form will be grounds for suspension or termination of my GAMA Membership and/or forfeiture of all or part of my Membership benefits. I hereby acknowledge that GAMA may verify the information set forth herein from sources accessible to the institution.


You must have filled in all information and agreed and clicked on all 4 boxes above in order to successfully submit.